Friday, 26 October 2007

On the way home

On the way home, MVS Norrland July 1982

This photo is of all the junior NCO's of the Pay Team 2nd Battalion Scots Guards.

I was Right Flanks pay clerk and I am sitting at the back on the left.

The chap next to me on the right is Gordon O'Leary with whom I did my training as we joined the army on the same day. He was involved in a pretty horrific motor bike accident in 1981 and was back squadded for 6 months. He joined the battalion literally as we were about to sail. He looked after HQ company. Sadly Gordon passed away in 1995.

The chap in the front row on the left is Vic Williams who was G Company Pay Clerk. Vic is now retired living in Rochester, New York where he runs an Aiko dojo.

The chap next to Vic is John Bay who was Left Flank Pay Clerk. John is now a rather successful investment specialist running his own company with his brother.

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