Monday, 22 October 2007

Discovery Channel Documentary on the Falklands

Part 1

Introduction to the conflict. Background to the dispute. The invasion by the Argentine armed forces. The initial reaction of the British government and the various diplomatic efforts.

Part 2

Starts with the departure of the Task Force and the journey south. The retaking of South Georgia by the SAS and Royal Marines. The final approach to the islands by 3 Brigade and the mobilization of 5 Brigade.

Part 3

Starts with the "Black Buck" Vulcan bombing raids on Stanley. The air war and the enforcement of the air exclusion zone. Discusses the harrier and the use of the sidewinder missile. The sinking of the Belgrano by HMS Conqueror and the sinking of HMS Sheffield.

Part 4

Starts with the aftermath of the sinking of HMS Sheffield and discussing the short comings of the British Navy. The attack on Pebble Island by the SAS and the landings of 3 Brigade at San Carlos.

Part 5

The landings of 3 Brigade and the attacks on the ships in the San Carlos in the infamous "bomb alley". The sinking of HMS Ardent, Atlantic Conveyor, and HMS Coventry. Moves on to the deployment of 2 Para and the attack on Goose Green.

Part 6

Picks up halfway through the battle for Goose Green and continues through to the final surrender of the garison. Ends up with some discussion about the naval losses and the impact of this on the plans of 3 Brigade.

Part 7

Starts with the Paras and Marines walking across the Falklands, the SAS assault on Mount Kent, and the arrival of 5 Brigade in San Carlos. Carries on with the movement of the Scots Guards by Landing Craft to Bluff Cove and the disaster at Fitzroy when the Welsh Guards are hit on the Sir Galahad.

Part 8

This part starts with the aftermath of the bombing of the Welsh Guards at Fitzroy and carries on with the assaults on the defences around Stanley upto the battle of Longdon.

Part 9

Picks up from the battle for Mount Longdon through to Wireless Ridge. Also covers the fighting by the Scots Guards on Tumbledown.

Sadly 5 Brigade had very few journalists who followed the various units so the coverage is fairly sketchy. Also they have got some facts wrong. They incorrectly credit "C" Company of the Scots Guards as taking the initial objective on Tumbledown. The problem is there was no "C" Company, the company that took the first objective was "G" Company otherwise known as "The Rabbits". Also the interview with Captain Spicer is a bit confusing as the states that it was all over in a couple of hours but what he was referring to was the figthing by my company Right Flank. In fact the assault took some 14 hours and at one time became seriously bogged down as Left Flank had great difficulties in taking their objective.

Part 10

Picks up from Wireless Ridge and the advance into Stanley. The final surrender of the Argentine garison and summaries from the various veterans who had contributed their personal memories.

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