Monday, 5 September 2011

Falklands 25. A Soldiers Story

At 2.10 into Part 3 Alan Crawford of 1 Platoon Right Flank (he was the platoon Sergeant at the time) recalls what he can remember from that night

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Right Flank 2SG

I was looking on the Falklands 30 reunion event page on facebook and noticed that Gordon Graham had posted a group photo of Right Flank

Fine bunch of men

Then I got to thinking about this photo because I don't remember it being taken. Not that that means much as it was 30 years ago (almost) so I should be given some leeway as to the state of my memory.

As there are precious few photos with me in it I got to wondering if I was there, and what do you know I am :)

Front row, 6th from the left, kneeling, holding my SLR. I think the chap to the left of me is Kev Bottoms (ACC). The chap to the right I dont recognise but the chap next to him is Eddie Collins (8th from left). Tally is 11th from the left.

I look so small and weedy compared to the rest.

Friday, 2 September 2011

2SG 30th Anniversary Reunion

2SG are having a 30th anniversary reunion

Details can be found on facebook here

Really looking forward to this event as this time it seems to be aimed more at families and is spread over a weekend rather than a formal sit down dinner with speaches. I worry that as this isn't officially sponsored by the regimental association there might be a conflict with anything organised by them.

However its great that Vince Campbell and Bill Montgomery have organised this.