Monday, 29 October 2007

The List Is Posted

Susie flew back to Sweden on Monday and with her she bought the official list of those coming on the 2007 Pilgrimage. I quickly scanned the names hoping that I recognised a couple because one of my biggest fears is going down and not knowing anybody. This is a similiar feeling I had before going to the reunion in June and must symbolise a certain about of insecurity on my behalf.

It seems that I will not be alone and that there are a number of Scots Guards going as well which is just great. The first name on the list is David Allender which is fantastic as he was my SNCO and directly responsible for me. At the time he was this scarey Guards CSGT but when I met him in June he gave me such a warm welcome. I am sure we will have a lot to talk about as we were together for the entire campaign in one form or another. Another person I saw was Ian Morton who was also in Right Flank. Ian was badly wounded and I am sure he will have some very different memories.

There were a few more names that I recognised but I am not 100% I can put a face to them. However there is going to be 12 including myself so we will be quite a gathering.

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