Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Return to the Falklands

An interesting video that I found, for some reason the poster of the video doesn't want people to imbed it so I have to just add a link here instead.

This was posted sometime around the 25th anniversary and provides an interesting commentary in particular about the relationships between the two sides. It also contains a fair chunk of coverage of a return to the islands by an Argentine veteran and an insight into how the veterans view the issue.

Return to the Falklands

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year

There is something sadly wrong with me, I just can't do night clubs's

This year we decided to try and do something different so we spent a fortune on a dinner and dance package. We went to a classy nightclub called Berns and were entertained in a very 1930´s style with an Asian flavor to both the food and the show.

Everything was fine until about 11pm which is when the disco started up beneath us. The heavy bass and vibration through the floor just bought back instant associations of Tumbledown.

I have avoided night clubs for a long time as the heavy bass, flashing lights and noise has in the past made be feel very uncomfortable. In the past I have broken out in heavy sweat and start getting the most macabre thoughts of death and destruction.

I didn't get the sweats this time but the thoughts came think and fast and I just sat there watching the crowd around me imagining in my minds eye shrapnel cutting revelers down and the meaty thwack of metal hitting flesh.

Stockholm's bold and beautiful were in abundance. The girls were all stunning in their party frocks and everyone looked happy and full of life. Drink infused exuberance surrounded me and all I could think about was the cold lifeless eyes of the lads who had died up on Tumbledown, robbed of being able to celebrate drawing a breath let alone a new year.

I felt so out of place and when the wife suggested going at about 1.30 I jumped at the chance and couldn't leave quick enough.

I just can't do discos which is sad as I know the wife loves to dance.