Saturday, 22 December 2007

Artillery OP on Tumbledown

Mike sent me a powerpoint presentation of a talk he recently gave on the QE2 and in it he used some photographs taken in 1982. The photographs were taken on the morning of June 14th 1982 on Tumbledown as the Gurkhas moved through our positions on their way to assault Mount William.

This video is taken in the same area that the Gurkhas moved through, an area we called "The Terrace", and shows that the fortifications still stand 25 years later. Quite amazing really. I will post more of these videos as they become available.

The are seen in this video starts with the heavily fortified Artillery Observation Post that overlooks the Northern sector of Tumbledown and in particular Wireless Ridge. It was this interlinking of defensive positions that made it vital that all the features were assaulted on the same night. The concequences of not doing this was felt by 3 Para on Longdon who endured shelling on June 12th and 13th due to the fact that there positions were overlooked.


Anonymous said...

Great piece really enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing your pictures. Thanks former 2SG member

TOR Hershman said...

Cool video, Steve.

Stay on groovin' safari,

La verdad de Malvinas said...

Hi Steve, cool video. Where can I see Mike´s photos?

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, cool video. Where can I see Mike´s photo?

Steve Cocks said...


Just uploaded them to my gallery

Here is the link