Thursday, 8 March 2012


On the night of 13/14 June 1982, on the Island of east Falkland, the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards attacked well entrenched enemy position on the craggy ridge feature of Tumbledown Mountain, seven kilometers to the west of port Stanley. Lieutenant LAWRENCE and his platoon were amongst leading elements in the assault.

As they come up to an area of prominent rocky crags they came under intense fire from an enemy machine gun position. Lieutenant LAWRENCE, to the fore throughout, immediately led a counter attack. Throwing grenades onto the enemy's position as he went, in the heat of the fire fight he continued to exhort his platoon to follow him in the assault. In capturing the position their attack accounted for two enemy.

Firm on that position, he gathered up a handful of his men and began to work his way along the ridge to engage an enemy sniper. As they closed and just before he could attack, Lieutenant LAWRENCE was severely wounded.

His actions were an outstanding example of leadership under fire and courage in the face of the enemy. For his resolute devotion to duty, Lieutenant LAWRENCE is very strongly recommended for the award of a Military Cross.

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