Thursday, 8 March 2012


On the night of 13/14 June 1982, on the Island of east Falkland, the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards attacked well entrenched enemy position on the craggy ridge feature of Tumbledown Mountain, seven kilometers to the west of port Stanley

During the assault, leading elements came under intense enemy machine gun fire which was preventing any further advance. Sergeant JACKSON reacted instantly: discarding his rifle and armed only with grenades, he clambered forward under fire over wet and slippery rocks towards the foot of the enemy's position forty meters away. having climbed fully fifteen meters up into the rocky crags, single handed, he attacked and destroyed the enemy's position with his grenades.

For his outstandingly courageous action under fire in the face of the enemy, Sergeant JACKSON is strongly recommended for the award of a Military Medal.


Anonymous said...

We are trying to track down Jacko (Bob Jackson) who was our Colour Sargeant at 5 Platoon, RMAS in 83/84 for a reunion in London on 29th Apr - if anybody knows his where a bouts please ask him to contact my through Linkedin - Chris T
Many thanks

Isabel Hardie said...

I am a relative of Jamies Hardie who was with the Scots Guards and fought in the Falkland war. I would like to get in contact with him or his children. Isabel Hardie

Unknown said...

Bobby jackson csm right flank 1986 I was an attached personal at that time in the Reme