Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Recently gave a talk at Swedish MOD

Every year I attend a church service here in Stockholm that celebrates Santa Lucia. It's a very atmospheric and traditional service that I make every effort to attend.

So why do I mention this? Well this year when I left I bumped into an old colleague from my days at IBM and EHPT who it turns out now works at the Swedish MOD (Försvarets materielverk). After catching up he mentioned that he was about to go on holiday to the Falkland Islands. So I couldn't resist mentioning that I had served there during the war.

This led to an invite to come and talk at his office to a small group of friends who were coming with him to the Falklands. Meantime he had mentioned to his boss, one of the few generals in the Swedish Army, and he would like me to come back and talk to his department of about 120 officers later this year :)

So watch this space

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