Tuesday, 7 February 2012


On the night of 13/14 June 1982, on the Island of East Falkland, the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards attacked well entrenched enemy positions on the craggy ridge of Tumbledown Mountain, seven kilometres to the West of Port Stanley

During the attack, Guardsman REYNOLDS' platoon came under fire from a group of enemy snipers. His Platoon Sergeant was killed instantly. A confused situation developed and his section became seperated. Guardsmen REYNOLDS immediately took command. Having located the enemy snipers he silenced several of them himself.

That done and showing a complete disregard for his own safety, he moved forward to render first aid to a wounded comrade. He himself was wounded in the hand by enemy sniper fire, but continued to aid his colleague. Whilst doing so he was killed by enemy mortar fire.

For his leadership and courage under fire; also his unselfish regard for his wounded comrade, Guardsman REYNOLDS is strongly recommended for the postumous award of a Distinguished Conduct Medal.


Anonymous said...

james was a very good friend of mine and will never be far from my mind always loyal to commrades and in my eyes should have been awarded the vc.....

Anonymous said...

James' grave lies in Knadgerhill Cemetery Irvine alongside that of his fallen comrade Guardsman David Malcolmson, both lads lost their lives on the last day of that war and thier graves marked with Military headstones emblazoned with the Scots Guards Crest. Unfortuntely the headstones are showing signs of wear and could do with some tidying up especially as we near the 30th Anniversary of that day.