Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Presentation to the Rotary Club

I was invited recently to give another presentation to the rotary club. This time it was the city branch and I was told I had 30 minutes, which to be honest is a little short, however I cut down my material and went determined to give my best.

What a disaster! Was by far my worst presentation to date and I felt embarrassed to have done so badly

I guess it wasn't all my fault. The event was scheduled to start at 1200 with lunch being served at 1230 and then I was to give my presentation from 1300 to 1330. Things started to unravel when at 1230 lunch wasn't served and the head waiter came and said they needed more time. So I was asked if I could start the talk, then we would break when lunch was served and I could continue afterwards.

So I kicked off at 1240 spoke for 10 minutes, sat down had my lunch, and then by the time everything was cleared away got to speak again for 10 minutes at the end. Of course I ran out of time and the whole thing was crap.

Never again. If I am going to give a talk again I must make sure my presentation is completely tailored to the situation and not to use my existing which I then try and squeeze into the time given.

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