Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Return to Tumbledown

Just recieved my copy of Mike Seaars new book "Return to Tumbledown"

Mike Seaar is a veteran himself and this is his 2nd book (though he co-operated on a 3rd).

His 1st book dealt with his memories of the Falklands as the training officer with 1/7GR. He manned the radio that night and listened to the conversation between Brigade and Mike Scott. Was very impressed with the cool way the battalion conducted itself with clipped, perfect radio protocol. Contrasted quite differently to other units he told me :) 1/7GR were right behind us and slightly to the North as they had the mission of taking Mt William. In fact they passed through LF\RF positions just after we had finished taking the East end of the feature.


His 2nd book was a co-operation with an Argentine editor and together they edited a book that detailed the 16 presebntations made by officers of 2SG and BIM5 in a colloquium arranged by Nottingham university. This had officers from both sides meeting and giving a brief presentation on their thoughts about the conflict. I have a few extracts from the book on my blog if anybody is interested








His latest book is quite big (almost 600 pages) and looks at the battle through the eyes of veterans from 4 units. 2SG 1/7GR, BIM5 and 6IR. I will let you know my thoughts on it as I have only just started to read it. It's taken him 6 years to write and has been quite a labour of love.


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