Sunday, 4 September 2011

Right Flank 2SG

I was looking on the Falklands 30 reunion event page on facebook and noticed that Gordon Graham had posted a group photo of Right Flank

Fine bunch of men

Then I got to thinking about this photo because I don't remember it being taken. Not that that means much as it was 30 years ago (almost) so I should be given some leeway as to the state of my memory.

As there are precious few photos with me in it I got to wondering if I was there, and what do you know I am :)

Front row, 6th from the left, kneeling, holding my SLR. I think the chap to the left of me is Kev Bottoms (ACC). The chap to the right I dont recognise but the chap next to him is Eddie Collins (8th from left). Tally is 11th from the left.

I look so small and weedy compared to the rest.

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