Thursday, 25 August 2011

After The Falklands and The Gurkhas

Last night I received an email from Mike Seaar enclosing the synopsis of his new book that is due out next year.


One of the "problems" with the battle for Tumbledown is that a lot has been said by the Argentine side and very little from the British. There are no books that deal exclusively with the battle as for most it is a foot note to the more dramatic events of the surrender of the Argentine garrison.

From the Argentine side there have been 2 conflicting stories. One hailing the activities of 5BIM as a battalion and the other focusing on the actions of just 1 reinforced platoon left to defend the West end of Tumbledown in isolation.

Against this confusing background is set the titanic struggle of Left flank and the hurried skirmishing of Right Flank and as such the 2 stories have not really been told together.

Mikes new book is certainly going to set the story straight and though the vast majority of mankind have little interest about a battle fought almost 30 years ago I for one was fascinated to read what is by far the most accurate retelling of the battle to date

Good job Mike and look forward to seeing you in October when you give your talk at Karlberg.

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