Monday, 26 May 2008

Tumbledown on Google

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I spent some time recently looking at Tumbledown on Google maps. It makes for some interesting study.

Google offers 3 ways of looking at the terrain. The image above is in "terrain" mode showing Tumbledown in the center. What can clearly be seen is that Tumbeldown dominates the Stanley Road directly to the South. Mount William is to the South East, Mountain Harriet to the South West and Two Sisters to the North West. Directly to the West is Goat Ridge while the long ridge directly to the North is Mount Longdon and Wireless Ridge.

When you use the Satellite view its fascinating to be able to "walk" over the battlefield.

Press the "Sat" button and zoom in a couple of times and there is Tumbledown in all her glory. Zoom in a couple of more times and you are looking directly at the area where Left Flank were held up.

Take a look at this

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You can't help noticing the profusion of shell holes that 26 years later have still not been eroded by nature. The pockmark the mountainside like a bad case of acne.

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robert.lawrence said...

Wanted to say what a great package yo,ve put together. Excelent to have cool calm information. On the two times that I've been back, I've had to explain that; I saw the feature on a sneaky over Goat R. Probably looking at wrong Mt. Next time I wandered arround in the cool light of day was about 15 yrs. later. Have kids now older than I was then, and been physically f..k'd longer than I was ever fit. So Thanks