Friday, 2 November 2007

Last Day At Work

Last day at work today before heading South!

Susie helped with packing my suitcase last night and between us we managed to cram everything in.

I couldn't help but wonder what people's reactions would have been if I had been able to bring my kitbag that's in the attic at home. It's the one I took with me to the Falklands so has all the markings for Right Flank, 2SG, with the last 4 numbers of my army number on the bottom. I bet it would have raised a laugh or two :)

So I have my suit (black), shoes, medals, corp tie, belt, jeans, boots, jacket, shirts, underwear, socks, T-shirts, medical kit, washing kit, mobile phone, laptop, iPod and of course the compulsory cuddly toy (courtesy of the wife). I am also carrying a wreath and 18 wooden crosses (8 with SG cap badge). Just need to get some presents for my host and the driver(s).

At least I'm not going as heavily loaded as last time :)

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Anonymous said...

Steve keep up the Blog, its a good read, see you on the w/end.